Our concept

The FSG concept is a unique concept based on the three most important pillars in a student-athlete’s career: Sport, Education and Life skills. These fit in a tailor made program to create an ideal environment for the student- athlete.

FSG Academy works in combination with parents, teachers, trainers, coaches, sports clubs and boarding parents to create an environment that focuses fully on excelling in our sport’s programs while at the same time living on our beautiful campus. The uniquely Dutch cultural sports environment makes it possible to compete in your own sport at a club and be directly integrated in a team of your level. We seek an appropriate balance between training programs, competitions and academics. We strive to develop time management skills designed to help student- athletes know how to manage and structure their time. This supports an improvement in self-confidence contributing to success and underpinning a determined mind-set.

Our student-athletes have the opportunity to combine sports with the well-known Cambridge programs such as IGCSE, AS levels and AICE or the Dutch school programs. Our students have the opportunity to continue their studies at our higher education partner in Apeldoorn, Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences. Wittenborg offers a Bachelor of Business Administration (IBA) in Sport Business Management and a joint master's in Sport Business Management together with its UK partner, the University of Brighton.

FSG Academy also developed specially designed Pre University programs for student- athletes wishing to pursue an athletic scholarship at universities in the USA/Canada. These programs include a preparation program for ACT, SAT or TOEFL. With this balanced program and expertise we prepare our student-athletes for placement at universities in the USA/Canada. We can also help the application process with the opportunity of SAT or TOEFL preparation in conjunction with tailor-made short term programs of sports and education.