Our team

Meet the staff of the FSG Academy:

The Directors

Jan Willem van Zoest - Managing Director

Remy de Wit - Sport Performance Director

Diederik Bos - Football director

Business Development and Support

Matthijs Deken - Business Development Manager

Martin van As - Finance Manager

Simon van Rooijen - Sport Operations

Niek de Graaf - Boarding Operations

Steven Teunissen - Sales and Operations Support

Athletic Staff

Joost Coldenhoff - Physical trainer

Maarten Ruijs - Physical Therapy

Adriaan Kok - Trainer/coach Golf

Frankwin Bos - Trainer/coach wakeboarding

Maxime van Helvoort - Trainer/coach wakeboarding

Joost van Rangelrooy - Head of program and coach basketball

Ramon Kuipers - Trainer/coach U20 basketball

Justin Veldhuis - Assistant coach U20 basketball

Jan Kromkamp - Trainer/coach football

Jochem de Weerdt - Trainer/coach football

Samir Makhouki - Trainer football & futsal

Joey Ngarigota - Trainer football & futsal

Cihan Özcan - Trainer futsal

Wouter Kropman - Head of program and trainer/coach tennis

Marco Kroes - Trainer/coach tennis

Yao Jie - Trainer/coach badminton

Eric Pang - Trainer/coach badminton

Tom de Haan - Trainer/coach hockey

Bas Jonker -  Trainer hockey

Niels Ringenaldus - Trainer/coach volleyball

Nicolette van Leeuwen - Head of program and trainer/coach equestrian sports

Joyce Heuitink - Trainer/Coach equestrian sports

Sebastiaan Kuiper  - Trainer/coach swimming

Jeroen Dellebeke - Trainer/coach swimming

Andrea Deelstra - Trainer/coach track and field