Our team

Meet the staff of the FSG Academy:


Managing Director: Dennis Peek

Athletic Director: Remy de Wit

Marketing Director: Matthijs Deken

Academic Director: Mirjam van Unen

Physical trainers:

Physical trainer: Joost Coldenhoff

  • Participated at Obstacle Run World Championships.

Physical Therapy: Maarten Ruijs

Sports trainers:

Golf Pro:

Adriaan Kok

  • Recognized GPA Golf club
  • GPA-A Golf Professional

Wakeboard Pro's:

Frankwin Bos

Maxime van Helvoort

Basketball coaching staff:

Head coach: Joost van Rangelrooy

Head coach U20: Ramon Kuipers

Assistand coach U20: Justin Veldhuis

Football/Futsal coaching staff: 

Football director: Diederik Bos

Vic Hermans

  • Managed six national teams
  • Guided 3 teams to the world cup

Samir Makhouki (120 Dutch futsal caps as a player)

Joey Ngarigota (72 Dutch futsal caps as a player)

Cihan Özcan (captain of the Turkish futsal team)

Tennis coaching staff:

Head coach: Wouter Kropman

Head coach: Marco Kroes

Badminton coaching staff:

Yao Jie

  • Won a gold, silver and bronze medal as single player at the European Championships.
  • Participated at the Olympic Games

Eric Pang

  • Top European Player
  • Won several National titles and International tournaments

Hockey coaching staff:

Tom de Haan

  • National coach at AMHC

Anko Teulen

  • Professional Hockey Goalkeeper

Volleybal coaching staff:

Niels Ringenaldus

  • Head coach premier league team

Equistrian Sport coaching staff: 

Nicolette van Leeuwen

  • International coach
  • Ex Grand Prix rider

Swimming coaching staff:

Sebastiaan Kuiper

  • National youth talentcoach KNZB
  • Ex-professional Swimmer

Jeroen Dellebeke

  • Head program coöridnator at KNZB.

Track and field coaching staff:

Andrea Deelstra

  • Member of the Dutch Olympic team 2016 (Marathon)