FSG Academy provides high performance training and education to the student-athlete. Our sponsors act on the same level with regards to their vision and products. That is why we will only work with sponsors with the same philosophy.

Premium partners

Our first premium partner is Physiotherapy Houwer & Ruijs. Physiotherapy Houwer & Ruijs focus on physical therapy, manual therapy and rehabilitation. Moreover, it especially focuses on sports physiotherapy, sports training and prevention.

We stand for our profession. That may sound obvious, but we know exactly what physical therapy, manual therapy, sports physiotherapy, rehabilitation, sports training and prevention can do for you. The quality of our treatments guarantee an adequate approach to your symptoms and your functional movement.

Besides Houwer & Ruijs we also work closely with Global Football. Global Football specialises many services such as excellent training facilities (were we hold daily training sessions) and access to certified coaches with experience on the highest level.

As for our education programs, Wittenborg University is our premium education partner. Wittenborg University is a well known name in The Netherlands and Internationally. They provide Bachelor and Master programmes for our sport students.

For more information or to inquire about becoming a partner please contact us.

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