Our badminton program provides an environment of excellence. Every part of the game will be taught, developed and managed at the FSG Academy.

The program is run by the elite coaches Yao Jie and Eric Pang. Yao Jie won the gold, silver and bronze medal as single player at the European Championship. She also participated at the Olympic Games. Eric Pang has been one of top European players of the circuit. Eric won several National titles and won many International tournaments.

Eric and Yao designed an outstanding badminton program to help players perform. The FSG Badminton program is focused on all elements essential to the game. The individual skills are stress developed in a competitive environment. Besides technique and tactics, core stabililty, fitness- and mental training are essential to become a top player. A lot of these training methods will be trained daily during our additional training sessions.

About the program

  • Individual guidance on a world class level
  • Competing in one of the best European leagues
  • Video analyses in combination with on court practice
  • Developing your own DNA as a player