With state of the art technology and scientifically proven training methods, the FSG Academy has already proven itself to be successful.

With a specific positioning program we give each basketball player the best possible development.

The unique technology: learning how to shoot the ball from every range will create better shooters. This part of the game in combination with the extra FSG basketball program make it one of a kind and a great hub to help move towards a university or a pro career.

Our head coach and national team coach Remy de Wit brings 20 years of experience to the court on every possible level and situation.

About the program:

  • Best possible jump towards university in the USA or pro career in Europe
  • Eye scan measurement methods to become a 10% better shooter
  • On campus facilities to practice and shoot every free time you have
  • Individual practices at least 3 times a week
  • The opportunity to practice and play competitions next to the training program
  • Position specific instructions on and off court as well as after scrimmages and games