FSG Tennis Academy

The FSG Tennis Academy is built for young national and international tennis players willing to do everything to become a better player.

At our Academy we tailor-make a balanced training program for every player. Every individual receives their own program to develop in the best possible way. This program will be a combination of on and off court practice, friendly matches, competitions and tournaments.

All in one unique concept: Tennis, education and living

FSG tennis players will be a part of the unique concept of the FSG Academy. The FSG Academy supports student-athletes in every area of their development to become an excellent athlete. High quality sports and academics in combination with dedicated teachers and trainers; guarantee an environment in which the student-athlete can excel. The FSG concept is a unique concept based on the three most important pillars in a student-athlete’s career: Sport, Education and Life skills. These pillars are combined to create an ideal environment for the student-athlete.

FSG tennis program

Personal development is the main focus during your stay at the Academy. Work carefully on your strengths and weaknesses and develop your own game. A playing style that is going to be your DNA on the court. We give the opportunity to practice and play against good players of your own level.`

Players of the FSG Tennis Academy are having a general training program together with athletes of different sports. This is fun, and players will learn from different sports. The general training will benefit your improvements as a complete tennis player.

We can also participate in (international) tournaments to get the necessary international experience and become an outstanding player. This extensive challenging program will optimize your talents and make a winner out of you for sure!

  • All ages and levels are available to train and practice with
  • Developing your own DNA on the court
  • Private lessons per week in your customized program
  • Eye scan measurement methods to become a 10% more accurate
  • Video analyzing sessions
  • Dedicated programming towards the next step in your career

Living on Campus

Tennis players can live at the FSG Campus. Our Campus is a safe and sportive environment to live. Student athletes can live, eat, and train at the FSG Campus. FSG Boarding, FSG Facilities, FSG Food & Beverages and FSG Health are important pillars for athletes to get the best out of their selves.

Furnished apartments are available and sports meals are being offered three times a day. Multiple sports facilities are available on campus. There is also a full (para) medical center at the campus. This consists: Physiotherapy, Sports medical science, Orthopedics, Dietetics Revalidation care.

Student-athletes who live on Campus get sports meals three times a day. Meals are served in the FSG Restaurant.

With the multiple facilities available on campus, FSG Academy has got everything that an athlete needs for maximum improvements.


FSG Academy is one of the three schools in Europe with the status of Athlete Friendly Education Centre. Young athletes can follow their IB (International Baccalaureate) study at FSG partner Rivers International School Arnhem. Here student-athletes have 3 years instead of 2 years to complete their IB study. This helps students to focus on training, and being able to participate in International tournaments.

Besides IB there are more educational programs available like a Pre University / Gap Year program, bachelor and master studies.

Dutch students can go to school at one of the two high schools where sports and school can be combined so that the student-athlete can focus on their performances in sports.

Wouter en Marco Rapiditas

Head Coaches: Wouter Kropman & Marco Kroes

Wouter Kropman is the head coach of the FSG Tennis Academy. He has more than 12 years of experience on ITF, WTA, and ATP level.

Wouter has experience in coaching both youth and senior players, both men and women.

Kropman has been coaching the Dutch first division team Rapiditas for years now, and also currently coaches world wheelchair double no.1: Marjolein Buis.

Wouter is passionate about tennis, and is looking forward towards training young national and international talents at the FSG Tennis Academy.

Marco Kroes has got more than 10 years of experience at the highest national and international level. He also has experience at ITF, WTA and ATP levels. Marco is a passionate coach and he loves the game of tennis.

Besides coaching Dutch first division team Rapiditas, Marco is currently coaching Wesley Koolhof. Wesley is the world no. 44 at the ATP- doubles ranking Marco has got passion for tennis, and loves to work with young national and international talents.


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