Golf is one of the most difficult sports. It is not only about how to hit the ball or pick the right club. At our Academy we train every facet of the game.

Our FSG coaching staff have more than 15 years of experience in coaching and playing on the course. They are dedicated to our athletes and will work to get the maximum from every talent. The combination of training, coaching and on-course play of at least five times a week is a unique concept that will help the player to achieve lower scores.

Official partner of the FSG Golf Academy: Golf- en Businessclub De Scherpenbergh

Lying in undulated woods, with heather and water, Golf- en Businessclub De Scherpenbergh is a leading golf club in The Netherlands. Apart from the 18 holes championship course the facilities contain a 9 holes executive course and excellent practice facilities.

Golf- en Businessclub De Scherpenbergh
Logo Scherpenbergh

Headcoach FSG Golf program: Adriaan Kok

PGA golf professional Adriaan Kok will lead the FSG program and is excited to teach and train the students of the FSG Academy. The development of young players is in his blood, as he once was a talented professional golf player himself, performing in international tournaments.

“Age and talent are the most important ingredients, rather than an existing level” explains Adriaan. “I can bring any talent to the required level as long as ambition and determination are intrinsic parts of the students quality”.

Headcoah of the FSG Golf progam and PGA golf professional Adriaan Kok
Headcoah of the FSG Golf progam and PGA golf professional Adriaan Kok

Unique concept

FSG Golf players will be a part of the unique concept of the FSG Academy. The FSG Academy supports student-athletes in every area of their development to become an excellent athlete. High quality sports and academics in combination with dedicated teachers and trainers; guarantee an environment in which the student-athlete can excel. The FSG concept is a unique concept based on the three most important pillars in a student-athlete’s career: Sport, Education and Life skills. These pillars are combined to create an ideal environment for the student-athlete.


The FSG Academy hosts 14 sports programs and multiple educational programs from secondary 1 to master studies. FSG Academy is one of the three schools in Europe with the status of Athlete Friendly Education Centre. Young athletes can follow their IB (International Baccalaureate) study at FSG partner Rivers International School Arnhem. Here student-athletes have 3 years instead of 2 years to complete their IB study. This helps students to focus on training, and being able to participate in International tournaments.

Besides IB there are more educational programs available like a Pre University / Gap Year program, bachelor and master studies.

Dutch students can go to school at one of the two high schools where sports and school can be combined so that the student-athlete can focus on their performances in sports.


FSG Campus

Student athletes can live, eat, and train at the FSG Campus. FSG Boarding, FSG Facilities, FSG Food & Beverages and FSG Health are important pillars for athletes to get the best out of their selves.

Furnished apartments are available and sports meals are being offered three times a day. Multiple sports facilities are available on campus. There is also a full (para) medical center at the campus. This consists: Physiotherapy, Sports medical science, Orthopedics, Dietetics Revalidation care.


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