FSG Swimming Academy

To provide national and international students with an exciting and performance based swimming program. Catering up to national & international success in sport in line with success in education.

The goal for our swim academy is to develop rapidly to a major and crucial program for developing young talented swimmers.

FSG Swimming Academy has a team of elite swimming trainers led by head coach Jeroen Dellebeke. Jeroen has got great experience in coaching top swimmers. He is specialized in the training and coaching of young swimmers. He helped multiple swimmers to Youth Olympics, and even managed to help Ben Schwietert to the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro last summer. Jeroen is currently also coordinator of competition swimming at the KNZB (Dutch swimming association).

Sebastiaan Kuijper is also a great experienced swimming coach and is a former elite swimmer. As a coach, he has been head coach of the Junior National Team at the KNZB (Dutch swimming association). He is currently talent coach at the KNZB.

The swimming program will run in line with an education timetable which allows student-athletes to enjoy a balanced lifestyle with education, sports and friends in one of the premier areas of the Netherlands.

FSG Academy is committed to guide every athlete in the program reach his or her maximum potential. For many swimmers the development of potential will often be judged in terms of competitive results. However, various other developmental considerations exist and the program aims to touch each athlete’s life in a number of ways.

These include:

  • Dealing with success and failure
  • Setting and achieving goals
  • Exploring and testing an individual’s limits

This will be accomplished by offering an unrivaled and comprehensive training program that adheres to the principles of long-term athlete development and provides each swimmer with the opportunities they need to progress within the sport.

The FSG-Academy goals to success

  • Coaching to National and International successs
  • (Para) Medical department on campus
  • Committed competition schedule
  • Elite performance coaching and land training
  • Excellent academic results
  • Excellent boarding accommodation