The FSG Academy offers the best wakeboard facilities in the Netherlands. Our program contains a combination of on and off the water practices, trampoline training, strength & conditioning and exclusive training stages in the USA and Spain.

The FSG Academy is proud to have very experienced wakeboard trainers/coaches that developed a specialized wakeboard program. Former National trainer Frankwin Bos and Pro Rider Maxim van Helvoort developed a program in which each boarder has the opportunity to boost their level.

It is the pro lifestyle that will get you fitter, stronger and better. Besides the input of Maxim we will also work with him during our training camp in Florida. Maxim and Frankwin will also organize a summer camp at our own campus this summer.

Facts about the program:

  • All year round training
  • High level coaches
  • Injury prevention
  • Professional facilities
  • Network to get you started in the US
  • Combine wakeboarding and studies at a USA College/University