Wheelchair Basketball 

Do you want to experience wheelchair basketball abroad? Come to FSG Academy!

FSG Academy and Basketball Experience NL will start an international wheelchair basketball academy. The program will start in the 2017/2018 season. Athletes of the wheelchair program will play in the Dutch competition.

FSG wheelchair basketball ambassador: Gertjan van der Linden

The program will be led by the great wheelchair basketball ambassador Gertjan van der Linden. This coach is a former athlete, a two times silver and one time Paralympic gold medalist in wheelchair basketball. He has been chosen as MVP during numerous world- and European championships. As a coach he won a two bronze Paralympic medals with the Dutch national women’s team. He has even been awarded as coach of the year when he coached able bodied basketball in 2000. To improve the development of the wheelchair basketball athlete is his true passion. The FSG wheelchair players will be trained by top coaches in a program designed by Gertjan van der Linden.

Wheelchair basketball in the Netherlands has grown in the past years, and it will keep growing. The Dutch women wheelchair basketball team (led by Gertjan van der Linden) has won bronze in the two recent Paralympics (2012-London, 2016-Rio de Janeiro). They are even aiming for a gold medal in the 2020 Tokyo olympics.

The Netherlands is the perfect place to improve yourself as a wheelchair basketball player.

Basketball Experience NL

The FSG wheelchair basketball program is introduced by Basketball Experience NL. Basketball Experience NL is a foundation with a mission: making wheelchair basketball the first chosen sport in the Netherlands in the world of Paralympic sports. One of the steps to achieve the mission, is to improve the image of wheelchair basketball and to share our knowledge.


At FSG athletes can combine their sports with getting a good academic degree. National and international studies are available at the FSG Academy. Look for your options at our Academics page.


FSG Academy offers great boarding facilities. The boarding rooms are modern apartments. Every student-athlete has a single room or shares an apartment with a fellow student-athlete of the FSG Academy. In the apartments there is plenty of room for your own privacy, to study and recreation for that “at home” feeling.

FSG provides good facilities for disabled people. Large rooms on the ground floor are available.

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FSG Campus

At the FSG Campus, everything that a student-athlete needs is available. Student-athletes will train, eat and live, all on the same campus.

At the boarding building, we have a boarding parent available 24/7. The boarding parent will guide, take care of the safety and support the student-athletes during their stay at our campus.

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‘THE chance to boost both your sports and personal career at one place in the perfect circumstances’

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