Pre University/ GAP Programs

Athletes that wish to apply for a scholarship in the US or Canada will benefit from our Pre University programs. These programs include preparation classes for ACT, SAT and/or TOEFL tests and intensive athletic training and preparation. The program will be made specific for the individual aspiring college or university student to include test preparation, deficiency training and sports. This balanced program, combined with our network and expertise, will put students in an excellent position to enrol in a US college or university.

Our ability to support athletes is achieved with our contacts at more than 200 universities related to Divisions 1, 2 and 3 in the USA and also with the top schools in Calgary, Toronto and Regina (Canada). We are very proud that athletes from our program are part of institutions such as Syracuse University, New York; Wright State, Ohio; Fordham, New York and the University of Miami.

The FSG Academy is the gateway to the USA and Canada and makes it possible for the athletes to pursue their sport on the highest-level while working towards an internationally accepted degree.

Our Prep/Gap Year Program:

  • Hybrid courses both academic and athletic.
  • ACT, TOEFL/SAT preparation
  • Improve academic reading and writing in English
  • Boarding facilities available
  • The gateway to the US and Canada