Apeldoorn is the beating heart of the Veluwe (part of The Netherlands) with its shifting sands, beautiful forests, vast heathlands, flocks of sheep and gently flowing streams. With a population of more than 155.000. Apeldoorn belongs to the top ten Dutch cities.

Compared to other places Apeldoorn is surprisingly different. Few cities offer as much peace and space. The vast wooded area gives the city a unique character. In the streets green predominates. Beautiful gardens and city parks brighten up both the center and the neighborhoods. The monumental buildings, especially in the park district and the district “Berg en Bos” provide an extra dimension to the location.

One of the highlights of Apeldoorn is the Royal Palace: ‘t Loo. This is a former residence of the royal family and is now transformed into a museum. The beautiful palace gardens, which are open in the summer, are an attraction in themselves.