This weekend the teams from Royal Eagles played 2 must-win games. Keus/Royal Eagles U20 played in Eindhoven a big game against Almonte Eindhoven. On Sunday FSG/Royal Eagles D1 played another home game against Amazone Utrecht Basketball.

Almonte Eindhoven vs Keus/Royal Eagles

A big game for both teams, one of them will get their first loss of this season. The other team will be the first ‘lonely’ leader of the U20 Eredivisie. The team of Almonte Eindhoven is well known by the Royal Eagles, the team from coaches Daan de Heus and Erik van Dalsum had their training weekend on the FSG Campus and the teams played an exhibition game as well.

Ramon Kuipers selected the following players to start the game: Zina Beunk, Meike Koelman, Marleen Peek, Yfke Hoek and Laura Westerik. For Almonte started: Famke Hermans, Lisa van Dalsum, Anne Bastiaansen, Bo Teulings and Tessa Schellekens.

The first quarter the Eagles directly set the tone, they were ready to play! After the opening score from Laura Westerik, Marleen Peek scored 10 points in a row. In the second period, Almonte woke up. Keus/Royal Eagles needed to make more fouls to stop the runs of Almonte Eindhoven. With scores from Lisa van Alsum, Anne Bastiaansen and Bo Teulings, they took the win of the quarter.

Period number three was a close one. Scores on both ends resulted in a tied score. In the last quarter, it was Zina Beunk that helped her team to the victory, she scored 8 points this Q.

“It wasn’t an easy game against a rather tough opponent. We had difficulties to make a deciding run en finish the game early as I hoped for. The girls played hard but we need to make more progress each game. In the end happy with the win”, said coach Ramon Kuipers after the game.

Topscorer Zina Beunk agreed with her coach: “This was definitely not our best game so far. Too many times we give Almonte the opportunity to get back in the game, that made it unnecessary close. The final minutes we played with much more energy, that ensured the victory with 15 points. Now it’s our job to deliver that energy level 40 minutes.”

Dit was zeker niet onze beste wedstrijd we laten almonte een paar keer terug komen in de wedstrijd waardoor het weer spannend werd. De laatste paar minuten gaan we met veel meer energie spelen waardoor we de wedstrijd uiteindelijk toch met 15 verschil winnen. Nu is het onze taak om die energie de aankomende wedstrijden 40 minuten lang te hebben.

For Keus/Royal Eagles Zina Beunk scored the most points (14). Marleen Peek (13) and Laura Westerik (12) scored double digits as well.

Almonte Eindhoven 59 – 74 Keus/Royal Eagles
(9-19 | 18-17 | 16-16 | 16-22)

This Saturday there is another tough game on the schedule for Royal Eagles. The team from CBV Binnenland will come to Apeldoorn. This team just lost 1 game so far in this season. The game will be played at the Omnisport, Apeldoorn and will start at 20:00.


FSG/Royal Eagles vs Amazone Utrecht Basketball

Started the game with Danielle Boiago, Meike Koelman, Yfke Hoek, Marleen Peek and Marlou de Kleijn. Coach Faizal Pasaribu selected Jay-Eliza Burgos, Renee Hoveling, Sybel Erduran, Camilla Neumann and Ginger Schokker to start this game.

The team from Apeldoorn started the game well, after 4 minutes the team led with 5-0. After that Amazone started playing basketball, with scores from Camilla Neumann, Jay-Eliza Burgos and Renee Hoveling, the took the lead at the end of Q1: 12-13.

Amazone continued where they finished the 1st quarter, scoring. After 3 minutes they took a 4 point lead and from that moment the Royal Eagles woke up. It was especially Yfke Hoek who took the lead in scoring and helped her team to a 4 points lead at the end of period 2. After the break, the game was still very close. Deep in Q4 Royal Eagles broke Amazone and were able to set a comfortable lead of 21 points. This difference is made in turnovers and points from turnovers. Royal Eagles had 14 turnovers and Amazone 26. Out of these turnovers, Amazone made 12 points and Royal Eagles scored 30.

Because of the low percentage of Field Goals (Royal Eagles 29,5% and Amazone 29,4%) there were lots of rebounds (55-50). Camilla Neumann was the most effective rebounder of Amazone (10) and Yfke Hoek for Royal Eagles (9).  Interested topic is that Royal Eagles had the most effective bench, they scored 35 points. The bench of Amazone scored just 5 points.

Head coach Joost van Rangelrooy about the game: “It was a must-win game for us and that’s what te did. The most positive thing is that we won 3 games in a row and climbing step-by-step to the top of the competition. At the other side, we make to small steps in our game, 5 out of 33 3-pointers is not helping anyway.”

Point-guard Danielle Boiago: “I still don’t think we’ve been able to play as well as we are capable of and it showed in that game. However, it was still a win and we know what we have to work on for the next game”.

Scoring FSG/Royal Eagles: Laura Westerik (15), Danielle Boiago and Anne van Vlijmen scored both 11 points. At the side of Amazone Utrecht, Renee Hoveling scored 12 points, followed by Sybel Erduran and Camillia Neumann with 9.

FSG/Royal Eagles 68 – 47 Amazone Utrecht Basketball
(12-13 | 17-12 | 18-16 | 21-6)

The next stop for FSG/Royal Eagles is coming Saturday. The team from Apeldoorn will travel to Katwijk to play against Solar-Systemen Grasshoppers. Grasshoppers won their first game last week by beating CTO Amsterdam. Grasshoppers, coached by Rick Driessen, didn’t start the competition very well. The losing finalist of last year have to deal with lots of injuries. Game time: 20:30.