After two close lost games against and Dozy BV Den Helder we went to Landsmeer to play another strong opponent, Loon Lions. The starters for Landsmeer were: Kim Hartman, Tanya Bröring,    Epiphany Etienne, Nadine Boessaart and Fieke Ligthart. For Royal Eagles: Daniello Boiago, Marlou de Kleijn, Yfke Hoek, Laura Westerik and Marleen Peek. After 1 minute of missed shots it was Marleen Peek who opened the score for the Eagles. Laura Westerik made the second score of the game (0-4). After that it was Loon Lions that took over the score, with a 11-0 run (with points for Bröring and Hartman). Just one minute before the end of Q1 it was Marlou de Kleijn who stopped the run. Score at the end of Q1: 17-10.

The answer of that run for Loon Lions started directly in Q2. With a 2-11 run for Royal Eagles with scores from Marlou de Kleijn, Danielle Boiago and Marleen Peek, the score halfway Q2 was 19-21. With scores on both sides Q2 ended: 28-28.

The complete second half was really close with scores, the biggest difference was 5 points in advantage of Royal Eagles. The final 2 minutes started with a 2 point lead for Loon Lions, but Laura Westerik was there to equal the score (53-53). A turnover from Kim Hartman and the steal and quick 3-point score from Danielle Boiago brings the score to an advantage for Royal Eagles. After a steal from Tanya Bröring on Laura Westerik Loon Lions had the chance to get back in the game, but the same Tanya Bröring threw the ball away (steal: Marlou de Kleijn) and the Eagles can decided the game from the 3-point line: 57-60.

“After two close games where we were unlucky, it’s was time for a W. We knew before the game that it should be a tough game against Loon Lions. We started the game really bad, but in the second quarter we came back in the game with good inside and outside shots. The second half was really close, but by some good choices of Danielle and an important turnover from Loon Lions, we won this game!” said Marleen Peek directly after the game.

Head Coach Joost van Rangelrooy was happy with the win: “To get an important win in a difficult away-game always feels very good. I’m pleased with the effort of the team, especially in defense we were much better than last week. I’m not happy with the number of turnovers (20), that’s way too much for us.

The game is decided by the starting 5 players of both teams, only Anne van Vlijmen (Royal Eagles) scored 1 point as a non-starter. Danielle Boiago scored the most points for Royal Eagles (17). Marleen Peek made 15 points and grabbed 13 rebounds, Marlou de Kleijn scored 11. For Loon Lions Tanya Bröring scored 23 points, Kim Hartman made 18.

Loon Lions 57 – 60 FSG/Royal Eagles
(17-10 | 11-18 | 17-14 | 12-18)

This Sunday there will be another home game for FSG/Royal Eagles. This time CTO Amsterdam will be the guest in the Omnisport. CTO Amsterdam is still looking for their first win of the season. Game time 17:00.