The first clash between the high-performance centers of this season ended in a victory for Royal Eagles. A special game for some of the FSG students and staff, because they were members of the CTO Amsterdam team before. CTO Amsterdam is back in the Vrouwen Basketball League after missing 1 season.

In the first minutes, both teams had some trouble with scoring, the first score of the game was for CTO player Robyn Bouwer. After 5 minutes it was the couple Laura Westerik and Marlou de Kleijn that created the first gap of 10 points.

The second quarter started with some easy scores from Marleen Peek and Laura Westerik but CTO Amsterdam answered the scores with from Linda van Schaik and Sanne van Poelgeest. Halfway Marlou de Kleijn enlarged the lead by scoring 8 points in a row (2 three-point plays). There was the difference of 20 points!

The second half will be written down as the half with lots of turnovers, both teams had troubles with controlling the ball. The teams produced together 26 turnovers in the second half.

The comfortable lead of 23 points ended in Q4, CTO Amsterdam scored a 10-0 run, especially Nanneke Vissers (with back-to-back three-point plays) switched the momentum. After that, the Eagles recovered something of the lead, but they last quarter was lost: 8 – 14.

Head coach Joost van Rangelrooy was disappointed about the way of playing from his team. “We’re way better than CTO Amsterdam, we showed that in 5 minutes. That 5 minutes made the difference in this game.”

Topscorers for Royal Eagles: Marleen Peek 19 (and 10 rebounds), Marlou de Kleijn 18 and Laura Westerik 14.
For CTO Amsterdam Vrouwenbasketball Robyn Bouwer produced the most points (17). Followed by Nanneke Vissers (12) and Sanne van Poelgeest (11).

FSG/Royal Eagles 80 – 63 CTO Amsterdam Vrouwenbasketball
(22-12 | 29-19 | 21-18 | 8-14)

This Sunday the Eagles will play again at Omnisport. This time the team from Amazone Utrecht will be the opponent. The team started their season very well so it will be a tough game. Gametime: 17:00.