For the first round of the Dutch Cup we were playing against a known opponent. For the second time in 1 week we played against Landslake Lions U20. Last week (for the league) we beat them with 71-48.

Royal Eagles started the game with Celine Dupont, Marleen Peek, Yfke Hoek, Laura Westerik and Anne van Vlijmen. For Landslake Lions: Claire Hirman, Quinty Kuijper, Phillepine Hartman, Denise Sijbrands and Cheryl Donk. After 2 missed free throws from Landslake Lions it was Marleen Peek who opened the score of the first quarter. After that score it was Royal Eagles that was dominating the scoreboard. Landslake Lions wasn’t able to score any points in the first quarter, Royal Eagles made 22 points: 22-0.

In Q2, Royal Eagles continue scoring. After a 30-0 run it was Cheryl Donk that made the first points of Landslake Lions. But after the answer came was from Meike Koelman, she scored 2 back-to-back 3-pointers. The halftime score: 42-9.

Coach Ramon Kuipers sent his team with a clear goal back on the court: “Keep playing focused”. But the second half showed a complete different game than the first half. Both teams we’re equal to each other and Landslake Lions won this second half with 25-28. Note: Meike Koelman scored a long distance 3-point shot in the buzzer, but the referees decided that it was out-of-time!

“Great first two quarters of the game with fantastic energy and great teamplay. Unfortunately we couldn’t keep that intensity and focus up the entire game but we showed some good stuff today.” said Ramon Kuipers after the game. Top scorer Laura Westerik (17 points): “From the start of the game we wanted to show our opponent that we were the better team. The first half we played a good game, we played with a lot of energy and they couldn’t match that. This is what we need every game. I’m happy we are on to the next round!”

KEUS/Royal Eagles U20 67 – 37 Landslake Lions U20
(22-0 | 20-9 | 11-11 | 14-17)

Next game for the U20 will be on Saturday 28.10.2017 against Almonte. This game will be played in Eindhoven and start at 14:00. Almonte won, even as Royal Eagles, all their games so far!

The next cup game will be in the weekend of 25 November. The draw will be this week.