The Gateway to the USA

FSG Academy has developed a unique Pre university Program for athletes who wish to study at a university in the USA/Canada on an athletic scholarship.

The FSG Academy Gap Year program is ideal for students between 17 and 21 years of age from a wide range of countries and cultures.

The Pre university Program is offered as a full one-year (10 month) course. Additionally we also offer courses for 2 terms (half a year). The moments of enrolment are in September and January. It is possible to join us at the start of the academic year in September and have a full year of preparation for the next step in a student’s education. Students are also most welcome if they prefer to join us for just two terms to experience our unique approach.

Our career counselors will help and guide the student with choosing the right university to apply to and our counselors will organize visits when required. All students who successfully complete the pre university year are supported to attain a place at one of our prestigious partners or study at the university of their choice, in combination with their chosen sport.