FSG Basketball Camps: Train and live like a pro!

The FSG Academy organizes professional Basketball Camps during the summer where you can train, play, eat, and live like pro!

Experience what it's like to live like a professional basketball player. Tactics, techniques, nutrition, and handling the international press, are examples of what you can learn at the FSG basketball camps. FSG basketball camps are a great experience for every player who dreams of a professional career!

At FSG basketball camps you will get a great opportunity to improve yourself at every aspect of the game. Besides focusing on the technical parts of basketball, we also provide great physical, and mental training to become an even better player.

During the camp, you will stay at the FSG Campus. The FSG Campus is a top sport campus where national and international athletes stay and train fulltime to make their dreams come true. At the FSG Campus you can sport, eat, and sleep. All facilities are available to live like a real professional!

Great international trainers and coaches

We have a great team of experienced trainers and coaches, led by Remy de Wit and Joost van Rangelrooy. With our trainers you train hard, make fun and you will improve all your basketball skills.


The unique selling point of the FSG basketball camps is that you will really live like a pro. You will train, eat, and sleep all on the international  FSG sport campus.

Following is an example of what a day will look like:

07.30   Breakfast
08.30   Basketball training
10.30   Language program
12.00   Lunch
12.30   Cultural trip
16.00   Video analysis session
18.00   Dinner
19.00   Physical program
21.00   Time to relax
22.00   End of the day


During FSG Basketball Camps you will get all sorts of opportunities to improve yourself. Besides training sessions, players get workshops about nutrition to improve your diet. Players will also learn the benefit of video analysis to improve your game.

As well as sport specific events, at the FSG Academy you have the opportunity to follow an English language program.

Pros of the FSG Basketball Camps

  • Live like a real professional on a international sport campus
  • All inclusive; 3 meals a day, living, training
  • Game-focused training, 4 hours a day
  • Training from top coaches like Remy de Wit and Joost van Rangelrooy
  • The use of all facilities of the FSG Campus
  • Receive an official FSG certificate of your language program and basketball skills

Dutch cultural activities

During your stay you will also visit the highlights of the Netherlands. We carefully put together a cultural program that is braided into the complete program. Cultural trips you can expect during the summer camps are: the house of Anne Frank, the Rijksmuseum, the Delta works, the Kinderdijk (windmills), Volendam and the port of Rotterdam.


Basketball camps start on Monday and ends on Sunday (6 nights).

Price FSG Basketball Camp

The costs of a FSG basketball camp are: € 950,- p.p.

FSG basketball camps include:

  • Basketball practices
  • Shared room on campus with free Wi-Fi
  • 3 meals a day
  • Meet & Greet with professional players
  • Multiple activities like cultural trips
  • All transport during the camp
  • Original FSG shirt


Any questions? Send us an email and we will respond as soon as possible!